Bronze Recognition

Bronze Recognition is the recognised industry minimum.

It is mandated by IAG and by CRA to qualify for network inclusion. We have both Repairer and Associate (manager / assessor / administration) strands. Both strands require completing 20 hours of I-CAR NZ courses covering the Automotive Steel MIG Welding Qualification (for Repairers), Understanding Damage with Aluminium, New Steels and Construction Methods and the choice of several others.

Candidates are required to complete 20 hours of courses from the following list.  When the 20 hours have been successfully achieved, the candidate will be awarded with Bronze Recognition.

  • DAM05 (4 hours) – Understanding Damage with Aluminium (Mandatory for Repairer strand and also Administration strand)
  • SPS9A (4 hours) – Steel Unitised Structures Technologies & High Strength Steel Repair (previously SPS07 or SPS07/09) (Mandatory for Repairer strand and also Administration strand)
  • WCS03 (4 hours) – Automotive Steel MIG Welding Qualification (Mandatory for Repairer strand)
  • ADH01 (4 hours) – Adhesive Bonding
  • DAM11 (4 hours) – Restraints System Damage Analysis (previously DAM04)
  • DAM06 (4 hours) – Steering and Suspension
  • FFR01 (4 hours) – Full-Frame Partial Replacement (previously SPS08)
  • BRZ02 (4 hours) – Automotive MIG Brazing Hands-On Skill Qualification

Bronze Recognition certification requires annual revalidation by completing at least 2 hours of I-CAR NZ accredited training each year.

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