Gain the required information, knowledge and skills needed to perform complete, safe and quality repairs.

With over 100 vehicle changes each year, if you aren’t training, you’re falling behind.

So with these challenges start heading for the recognition programmes:

Individual Recognitions


Platinum Recognition

Platinum Recognition is the absolute standard and covers 3 strands – Repairer, Estimator / Manager/ Assessor and Refinisher. Repairers are required to measure, section and weld a front rail. Repairers and Estimators / Managers / Assessors can also learn about Aluminium, Carbon Fibre, Cycle Times and Customer Service. Refinishers need to complete one of two I-CAR NZ courses together with around 20 hours of pre-approved training provided by their paint company.

Platinum Recognition →


Silver Recognition

Silver Recognition is the next level up from Bronze. Both strands are covered, and another 20 hours of training is required. Subjects include Inverter Spot Welding, Hybrid Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Researching Technical Information and NZ Model Specific courses.

Silver Recognition →


Bronze Recognition

Bronze Recognition is the recognised industry minimum. It is mandated by IAG and by CRA to qualify for network inclusion. We have both Repairer and Associate (manager / assessor / administration) strands. Both strands require completing 20 hours of I-CAR NZ courses covering the Automotive Steel MIG Welding Qualification (for Repairers), Understanding Damage with Aluminium, New Steels and Construction Methods and the choice of several others.

Bronze Recognition →


Business Recognitions

Gold Class Business →