Identifying The Correct Body Repair Manual: Hyundai/Genesis

An interesting article I read on the I-CAR International News site relates to the identification of the correct Hyundai model you may be working with.
This could be handy for you to refer to when contacting your Hyundai dealership if it helps with identification.

Vehicle makers may group their body repair manuals (BRM) in several different ways. Sometimes the BRMs will be grouped by a year range, some are listed as VIN specific, and others are arranged by a body code. Let’s take a look at Hyundai to see how they group their BRMs.
Hyundai and Genesis use a multi-letter or alphanumeric code for each model. For example, a 2021-2023 Genesis G80 is labeled as a G80 (RG3) and a 2022-2023 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid is labeled as a Tucson Hybrid (NX4 HEV). This is important because there are other models that have a code beginning with “NX4,” like the 2022-2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz (NX4A OB).

Body codes are important when it comes to ordering parts, looking up repair procedures, and measuring the vehicle. This is especially true when a vehicle maker continues to build a previous generation model when the new generation model is still being produced. With different body codes comes differing procedures and precautions. Always make sure the correct BRM is selected before beginning repairs.

This article first appeared in the I-CAR USA Collision Repair News.

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