Understanding Cycle Time

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Understanding Cycle Time

What you’ll learn:

Understanding Cycle Time explains what cycle time is and how reducing it can benefit the collision repair facility. This course discusses the basics of measuring cycle time, identifies the waste that hurts cycle time, and lists lean processes and SOPs that can be used to reduce cycle time. The importance of proper upfront damage analysis (i.e. blueprinting) can be used to reduce problems that commonly occur toward the back end of the repair process. Finally, cycle time issues that commonly occur in different departments of the repair facility are examined.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine how to measure cycle time
  • Identify waste in the collision repair process
  • Overview of repair process tasks that can affect cycle time
  • Identify programs that can be used to reduce cycle time issues
  • List ideas for cycle time improvement for each department

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