Panel Removal and Preparation for Installation

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1.25 hours

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Online Self Study

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Panel Removal and Preparation for Installation

This is a self-study online course with audio that will be loaded within 24 hours onto your myI-CAR Login when registering for this course.
You will need your myI-CAR username and password to access the course. Once you have started the delivery this can be paused and resumed at any time. For a brief overview video on how this works click here.

Panel Removal and Preparation for Installation is a one-hour course that provides an understanding of removal procedures for general panels, weld and weld-bonded panels, and rivets and clinches. Considerations for planning a roof panel replacement, removing and installing weld-bonded roof panels, and bonded-on roof panels are detailed. General panel preparation and attachment methods are also explained within this course.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Recall general panel, weld and weld-bonded, and rivet and clinch removal procedures.
  • Identify general welding methods and symbols, panel removal procedures, and how to locate OEM panel removal and installation procedures using the I-CAR resources.
  • Identify locations, methods, and tools used in spot weld and panel removal.
  • Identify the tools and methods used for rivet and clinch removal, as well as clinch locations, removal, and replacement.
  • Recall general panel preparation and panel attachment methods for the vehicle and replacement part.
  • Identify the flange and panel preparation methods for the vehicle panel and replacement part.
  • Recall general panel attachment methods and identify the general procedures for completing the installation.
  • Recall the considerations when planning a roof panel replacement.
  • Identify the general steps for weld-bonded removal and installation.
  • Identify the steps to remove and install bonded-on roof panels and for completing the repair.

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