(SPS05) Structural Parts Steel Qualification Test

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Course Details

Product Manual: SPS05.pdf
Estimated Duration: Full Day (8 Hours)
Course Format: Classroom
Course Price for CRA members: $691.15 (incl. GST)
Course Price for non CRA members: $761.30 (incl. GST)

REQUIREMENTS:  Students who register for the Steel Sectioning Qualification Test are required to hold a current Automotive Steel MIG Welding Qualification. 

  • Hands on full day workshop
  • Demonstrate your measuring, cutting, fit-up and MIG welding skills on steel structural parts
  • Measures a participant’s skill using plug, open butt joint and butt joint with backing welds on steel structural parts
  • Working with two thicknesses of automotive grade steel – both 16-gauge and 22-gauge
  • The structural part must fit in a specially designed I-CAR fixture in order to pass the qualification test


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Price: $761.30

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