Ford Technical Information

Contact the Ford dealership service department.  Falcon and Territory have separate body repair manuals.  A hard copy is available at a cost of approximately $130 + GST.  Other models are in the workshop manual as hard copy.

For USA Ford / Lincoln / Mercury – information can be accessed through  (Pay site).  This site provides information on body repair manuals which is accessible through an online subscription.  Subscriptions are available for 72 hours, one month or one year.  Currently body repair manuals are available for the 2002 / 2003 Explorer, Focus, Ranger, Taurus.

The following information has been developed for I-CAR NZ with the help of motor vehicle dealerships.

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Ford Technical Information September – October 2015
Ford Mondeo Technical Information November – December 2012
Ford Focus Technical Information July – August 2011
Ford Technical Information January – February 2004
Ford Territory Technical Information May – June 2005